July 20, 2019

Hold on to

 good things             

 in your life;

be happy!!!!!

October 11, 2018

Hello, long time no see

Hello everybody,
I did not post anything for quite a while, I thought what`s the point...
But I`m back J
Love of God is all I have and I want to share with you...
I feel it in my heart that God is!!!

Don`t know how, but I do.   

November 10, 2015

“God created us

“God created us for incorruption,                                   and made us in the image                                                 of his own eternity…                                                                        the souls of the righteous are                                in the hand  of God.”          
 (Wisdom 2.23; 3.1)

The verses from the book of Wisdom, which are chosen for today, have given us hope and consolation. They reassure us that God – our Father – love us no matter what, and His love never ceases. What wonderful news! Let`s go and tell others about it. How we could do it? Well, no need to perform anything special. Two things are needed. First of all, we have to fill our hearts with these words and believe in them. Secondly, just live it every day, showing God`s love all around us. The secret is this, if we do the first the second will come naturally, without even thinking or doing anything. Because what we believe in, determine who we are.